Mid-century optimism for your special space

Hello, I'm Angela Dawn Bisson. Welcome to my world!

My mission is to enlighten and bring optimism to your special space. I believe art is an intrinsic part of who we really are.

I grew up in the 1960s in the suburbs of Montreal, Quebec. A far as I can remember, I have always loved coloring and painting. Playing make believe with dolls was not my thing. When I was a teenager, I loved anything and everything that was before ”my time”. I felt like I was born in the wrong generation. I loved all things midcentury. The music, fashion, cars and architecture and design of the 50s and 60s. For me, this era represented optimism and confidence in the future. A time of prosperity, innovation, design. Anything was possible, even flying to the moon! That’s why I resonate with the fun and whimsical midcentury style and that’s what I love to portray in my art. A distinct midcentury vibe with a modern look. A perfect blend of retro and modern.

I have also created an art deco collection. Inspired by the sleek and sophisticated and streamline designs of the roaring 20s and 30s art deco period. Guaranteed to bring a little glam and glee in any room of your home. A time of prosperity, innovation, design. Art Drive-In is for Modern mid-century lovers and Art deco enthusiasts.

When I create, I find calm and a sense of purpose. Looking for something special? Custom artwork is easier than you may think!  Send me a message in the contact page (top right hand corner)!

Art Deco collection​

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