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About Art Drive-In

Art Drive-In is here to bring distinction and midcentury Optimism to your special space

If you are looking for distinctive art for your special space, what you hang on your wall should not only be eye pleasing, but also make you feel good because your decor is part of who you are. One of the best things about midcentury modern is how versatile it is and can work well with a wide variety of home styles and transforming a living space while bringing back the whimsical, ”atomic” designs of the midcentury era in a new modern way.
I cannot think of a better time of optimism and confidence in the future than the mid-century era. A time of prosperity, innovation, design. Anything seemed possible, even flying to the moon!  
When I create, the cares and worries of the world seem to fade away. 
Angela Bisson, midcentury modern and art deco artist creating from Candiac, Québec, Canada.

How you helped Art become a reality 

How you helped Art become a reality 

 Art Drive-In is for the Modern… Mid-Century and vintage style lovers.

After soul searching and experimenting with paint, color and design, I found a passion combining my love for the mid-century music, design, architecture, brutalist sculptures and art. 

Art that brings Optimism of the art deco era when the skyscrapers are erected and the sky was the limit and the mid-century era that followed when cars had fins, kids played outside all day and the drive-in was the place to go on a warm summer evening. All dreams were possible, even flying on the moon! 

Every client is special...

One day I was asked to create a large custom artwork of Paris in November for their ”new” mid-century home. I was thrilled to create an abstract Paris with a mid-century twist, just what he was looking for. 

 As it turned out, this was a wedding anniversary surprise gift for his wife (30th anniversary). They had been to Paris on their honeymoon.  They received the artwork just in time for Christmas (24th!).  They are very happy as this artwork will remind them of their union for years to come. 

It is moments like these I love what I do. 
Every client has their own special story and it’s a privilege to be part of it.

I have had the privilege to create custom artworks for this fabulous midcentury rehab vacation rental home in Palm Springs that I hope to visit one day!  Take a tour here 

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